I’m an award-winning fantasy author, writing coach, and editor. My favorite stories always include a blend of strong characters, artful writing, and twisting plots. 

If you’re looking for my latest work, please check out my pen name Jennifer Gold.


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Dead of Knight

ISBN-978-1620151563 | Fantasy | Booktrope Editions 2013 | View on Amazon

Gold Winner of the 2013 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award

King Orson and King Odell are power-stricken, grieving, and mad. As they wage war against a rebel army led by Elise des Eresther, it appears as though they’re merely in it for the glory. But their struggles are deeper and darker.

*This book was originally published by Booktrope Editions, which folded in June 2016. As of this time, only ebook copies are available. 

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A Kingdom's Possession

ISBN-78-1935961222 | Young Adult Fantasy | Booktrope Editions 2011 | View on Amazon

Finalist for the 2011 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award

A wayward prince, his twin brother, a mystical woman of fire, and an escaped slave band together, to free an outcast goddess - if they can elude a powerful rogue kingdom intent on their destruction.

*This book was originally published by Booktrope Editions, which folded in June 2016. As of this time, only ebook copies are available. 


An amazing debut fantasy novel that incorporates many classical elements in fresh new ways
— Amazon Reviewer of 'A Kingdom's Possession'
The characters are rich and believable, the passions are honest and the adventure is dripping with excitement. If you are searching for the next great fantasy author, look no further. She is right here.
— Amazon Reviewer of 'Dead of Knight'

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The Hunt: A Doublesight Story

Short Story| Fantasy | Kindle Worlds: Doublesight | Out of Print

Sasha, a young wolf-clan member who has just shifted into wolf-form for the first time, is finally ready to participate in a caribou hunt. It has been weeks since the clan’s last kill. They’ve tracked the caribou for days, but the time for the final chase is not right, not yet. When hunger gets the better of her, Sasha starts the chase too early, and ends up jeopardizing the success of the hunt, her family, and the life of her only true friend.