Services for Writers




Do you have lots of great ideas, but have trouble finishing your stories? Do you suffer from writer's block? Do you want to finish a novel, but need structure and encouragement to do so? Do you want to feel like you're not alone on your writing journey? Want to get better at the craft of writing? Need a publishing cheerleader? If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, my coaching package might be the answer to your trouble. 



Revision is about uncovering the gold nuggets from your first draft, sifting them out of the muck, and polishing them up. As a developmental editor, I'm here to offer educated responses, ask questions, and help you pinpoint flaws in your narrative. I will offer suggestions based on my knowledge of the craft of writing as well as the market.


I'm available to speak at libraries, schools, book clubs, writers' groups, writer's conferences, and other venues. Topics include various elements of the craft of writing, social media, and publishing. Past venues include the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association Conference, Rivers of Ink, Write on the Sound, and many more. 

Social Media

For most writers, social media marketing is a daunting endeavor—but it doesn't have to be! At its core, social media is all about reaching new readers and building a loyal fan base. It's also a great way to improve your search engine optimization (how you "appear" on Google). As a social media consultant, I'm here to help you identify what types of people you want to reach and show you how to build a following of quality users. I offer step-by-step ideas, from what to post to how to best engage with your following. I can also help you set up ads that are targeted to your specific readership. 

Reads for Writers

My ultimate recommendations. Books on the craft of writing are the perfect way to keep you on track. They spark your creative mind and help you think critically about your book, broadening your skill set and encouraging you to consider new things about your work in progress. I'm always reading at least one craft book, but these stand the test of time.