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Fantasy novels, short fiction in all genres, nonfiction, poetry


The language is strikingly powerful, with each deftly-written sentence bringing to life the imagined world.
— Amazon Reviewer of 'The Hunt'
The characters are rich and believable, the passions are honest and the adventure is dripping with excitement. If you are searching for the next great fantasy author, look no further. She is right here.
— Amazon Reviewer of 'Dead of Knight'

About the Author

Nicole J. Persun


I write novels and short stories in all genres, plus poetry and the occasional essay. Most notable is my novel, Dead of Knight, which won Gold in ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award. My most recent works can be found on Amazon and in various literary magazines. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts.


Complete List of Publications

- Article: Independent Bookstore Day

- Article: The Only Mother's Day Recipe You Need

- Article: "Horses Heal: The Benefits of Equine-Therapy for Every Child" 

- Article: Review of 'Rent' in Seattle

- Short Story: "The Hunt: A Doublesight Story", Kindle Worlds - Fall 2015
- Nonfiction: "Tell Don't Show: How to Successfully Break the Rules of Fiction", - Spring 2015
- Article: “Write What You Want”, Line Zero, Pink Fish Press - Fall 2014
- Poems: “ Star Shephard”, “Marilyn,” “Amen,” "Sleeping Pills," Minotaur Press - Winter 2013
- Novel: Dead of Knight, Booktrope Editions - Summer 2013
- Short Story: Vixen, Booktrope Editions - 2012
- Novel: A Kingdom’s Possession, Booktrope Editions - Summer 2011
- Article: “Making Time to Write”, Line Zero, Pink Fish Press - Spring 2011
- Poems: “Earthworm”, “Peril”, “Seabird”, “Seaweed”, “The Fall”, “The Sixth Day”, “Vetch”, In the Spirit of Myth, Rainshadow Press - Spring 2010

My Favorite Books

I am a very eclectic fiction reader, with a wide range of favorite authors. Below are a few of the great books I've read and continually revisit.