My Favorite Books

You'll notice I have eclectic taste!

Homer and Langley

By E.L. Doctorow

Another fantastic historical fiction novel, Homer and Langley is based on the mysterious real-life Collyer brothers. This captivating story spans a number of significant historical moments that serve as a realistic background for a sweet and harrowing story about two brothers you will certainly fall in love with. Written in Doctorow's smooth and hauntingly beautiful prose and told in the viewpoint of a blind man, Homer and Langley is a beautiful portrait of brotherhood, loyalty, and madness. 


A Sport and a Pastime

By James Salter

There's a reason why James Salter is considered a writer's writer. A Sport and A Pastime was my introduction to Salter's work, and since then I've been hooked. While his stories are sure to captivate any reader, writers will especially appreciate his work. His writing is smooth and captivating, his characters are intriguing, and his mastery of the craft is something all writers ought to emulate. If you haven't read his classic novel A Sport and A Pastime, you should. 


I Married You For Happiness

By Lily Tuck

I Married You For Happiness is still one of my favorite books of all time. It's one of the first truly literary books I ever read. The writing is superb, the characters are complex and compelling, and the story is sweet and dark and real. Tuck is a master at writing about strong, realistic women. Since reading this book, I have read everything else Tuck has written. If you want something more bite-sized, I also highly recommend her collection of short stories, Limbo and Other Places I Have Lived


Vlad: The Last Confession

By C.C. Humphreys

Vlad: The Last Confession is a haunting and beautifully written historical fiction novel about "the real Dracula." Told from the viewpoints of Vlad's closest associates, Humphreys weaves together a compelling story of a man descending into madness. If you love historical fiction with superb writing and incredibly well developed characters, I highly recommend this book. 


The Twelve Houses Series

By Sharon Shinn

Strong female characters, fantasy adventure, romance...I loved all the books in the Twelve Houses Series. Mystic and Rider is the first book, and features a captivating mystic who has the ability to control fire. When I first started writing, Shinn's series provided me with inspiration and joy. Highly recommended for fans of adventure fantasy and romance; all the books are quick and fun, great for reading on airplanes, during road trips, at bus stops...anywhere! 


The Doublesight Series

By Terry Persun

Doublesight was the first book by my father I ever read. It's a shape-shifter fantasy that made me laugh and cry, filled with themes of diversity, identity, and acceptance. The characters are strong, unique, and well developed. Highly recommended to fantasy/shifter fiction fans, animal lovers, and anyone who loves a good adventure story. 


The Kingkiller Chronicle

By Patrick Rothfuss

The quintessential fantasy. These books are so well drawn—the world building, the character development, everything. If you're a fan of fantasy, you have to read these books. Now, if only he'd finish the final book! 



By Naomi Novik

The first book I ever read by Novik, I was disappointed it was a standalone! The world is extremely well drawn, the viewpoint character is strong and likable, and the story twists and turns with satisfying surprises. If you're waiting on Rothfuss to finish his series, read this to hold you over (and then read more of Novik's work, because you won't be able to help yourself).