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Self Editing and Breaking the Rules Classes at Rivers of Ink Conference

Nicole will teach two classes at this year's Rivers of Ink conference: 

Self-Editing: The Focused Draft Approach – Nicole J. Persun

Editing your messy first draft can feel daunting, especially if you don’t know where to start. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll miss something, or maybe you’re worried about over-editing. In this class, I’ll address your self-editing concerns and walk you through how to edit through a series of focused drafts. By tackling different areas of craft—such as plot, character, setting, pacing, word choice, and more—separately, you’ll stay organized and productive without overworking the passionate prose of your first draft. Attendees will come away with the tools needed to edit confidently and effectively.

How to Successfully Break the Rules of Fiction – Nicole J. Persun and Terry Persun

There are many writing “rules,” from “show don’t tell” to “don’t use adverbs.” In this popular session, we’ll discuss 1) common rules of fiction 2) their deeper meaning 3) examples from bestselling fiction where the rules are broken and 4) how you can successfully break the rules, too.