My Philosophy: 

Revision is about uncovering the gold nuggets from your first draft, sifting them out of the muck, and polishing them up. As a developmental editor, I'm here to offer educated responses, ask questions, and help you pinpoint flaws in your narrative. I will offer suggestions based on my knowledge of the craft of writing as well as the market; if you don't agree with a suggestion, I will gladly unpack my reasoning and help you find the best solution for your story, to ensure we're both happy with the outcome. 

When conducting developmental edits, I look for believability, consistency, and pacing in the following elements: structure, setting, viewpoint, story arc, character arc, dialogue, language flow, and more. My edits range from large-scale changes to nitty-gritty word choice and typo fixes. 

Because I'm an author, and therefore know what it's like to have my work edited, I strive to be positive and constructive. I offer the author play-by-play reactions to their work via track changes (everything from minor edits up through comments that get to the heart of larger issues) as well as an in-depth letter that details those larger issues. During the duration of a project, I'm also available to talk to an author on the phone. While I will always provide suggestions for fixes, I encourage writers to find their own solutions to the developmental issues I identify. 

Pricing for developmental editing:

$25 per hour, at a rate of approximately 1,500 to 3,000 words per hour; an 80,000 word manuscript is typically $1,000
Turnaround time is negotiable; expedited editing is subject to an additional fee.

Pricing for copy editing: 

$20 per hour, at a rate of approximately 2,000 words per hour; an 80,000 word manuscript is typically $800
Turnaround time is negotiable; expedited editing is subject to an additional fee.




Nicole Persun has been an editing goldmine for me. Her editorial comments at all stages were insightful and professional, consistently improving my work. I have two novels published that she has worked on and can give her an unqualified recommendation. An added bonus is that she delivers constructive criticism in an encouraging manner—much appreciated.
— Nancy Leonard, author of 'Headwaters' and 'Becomes a Horseman'
Nicole’s astute developmental edit of my manuscript, Kids of Sockland, absolutely blew me away. It was deep, scintillating, and lucid. Using Track Changes, she identified an issue, explained if it was a craft, style, or clarity problem—in straightforward terms, and then provided suggestions on how to improve the sentence, paragraph, scene, etc. She also asked questions and highlighted areas of excellence. Not only did her thorough edit improve my work immensely, but I also gained additional insight on the different elements in the craft of fiction. Nicole is personable, responsive, adroit, and a real gem to work with on a project. I can’t recommend her enough!
— Craig Anderson, author of ‘Kids of Sockland’
— Craig Anderson, author of 'The Kids of Sockland'
Nicole was perceptive and sensitive to the manuscript and to me as an author. I would trust Nicole with my work again and again!
— Sharon Anderson, author of the award-winning book 'Curse of the Seven 70s'