3 Halloween Costumes for the WFH Woman

If you're a little late on figuring out your Halloween costume—never fear! People who work from home have tons of Halloween costume options at their fingertips. Here are just a few to get you started. 

1. The Crazy Cat Lady

A classic Halloween costume that never fails to scare.

Materials needed: 

Laundry-variation of the Blanket Monster costume. 

Laundry-variation of the Blanket Monster costume. 

  • Robe (adorn with cat hair)
  • Cats (the more the merrier)
  • In-progress knitting or sewing project

2. The Blanket Monster

Monsters are a beloved Halloween costume. With this monster variation, sit in wait under a pile of blankets until an unsuspecting child, spouse, or pet comes close enough for you to leap up and surprise them. Works best if you turn down the heat—the blanket monster costume is a warm one!

Materials needed: 

  • All the blankets you own

Another fun variation: The Laundry Monster. Sub the blanket monster materials with all your laundry. For an extra-spooky variation, use dirty laundry. 

3. Modern Zombie

This costume is not for the faint of heart, and takes a bit of pre-planning, but the result is perhaps the scariest WFH Halloween costume you can do. The best part: no materials needed beyond your regular WFH outfit. 


  1. Stay up all night reading
  2. Get up in the morning, skip shower
  3. Don't drink any coffee
  4. Voila! A walking, working-from-home zombie. Soooo scary. 

I know what you're thinking: if there's no train commute and populated office, who will even have a chance to appreciate your costume? Well, below are some reasons not to ditch the Halloween festivities altogether. 

  • Your pets
  • The UPS guy
  • Anybody on the street who passes by when you go out to get the mail
  • And of course: trick-or-treaters!