Why you might want a writing coach:

Do you have lots of great ideas, but have trouble finishing your stories? Do you suffer from writer's block? Do you want to finish a novel, but need structure and encouragement to do so? Do you want to feel like you're not alone on your writing journey? Want to get better at the craft of writing? Need a publishing cheerleader? If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions, my coaching package might be the answer to your trouble. 

Why hire me? 

Writing is my passion and lifelong journey. I'm a published, award-winning author with a Master's in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Growing up in a home that valued reading and writing—my mother an avid reader; my father, Terry Persun, a professional nonfiction writer, accomplished novelist, and poet—I've always had a big imagination and a strong passion for stories. I became serious about writing in 2008, and have had my work published yearly since 2010. I write novels, short stories, essays, and poetry in all genres. 

I strive to stay current on the latest literary theories, techniques, and trends. My ongoing work with various writing communities across the Pacific Northwest puts me in touch with other authors and book industry professionals, giving me an insider perspective on the inner workings of literary agencies, small and large publishers, Amazon, Ingram, and other book-related companies. I've been working professionally in editing, publishing, and social media marketing since 2013, and have been a board member at a major writing organization since 2010. Finally, I teach at writers' conferences, groups, and schools 3-5 times per year, covering topics from first ideas to publishing and marketing.

To sum up: I'm a highly motivated, personable, and professional working writer who loves to help people of any skill set become a better writer. 

How it works:

My coaching is personalized and goal-oriented. Most coaching is a combination of guided reading and publishing and/or word count goals ("submit three short stories to literary magazines this month", "finish my novel this year"). During our calls, we'll discuss the reading, catch up on your goals, and trouble-shoot anything that stands in the way of your growth and success. 

A basic coaching package includes a mixture of reading and reviewing your written work and discussing suggested reading. If you need help with publishing, marketing, and social media, our calls will be more strategic and task-based. Coaching is always geared toward your current skill set and desired areas of improvement. New clients receive a free phone session where we discuss my coaching style and your writing goals to ensure we're a good match.

Goal examples: "Finish a novel"; "get better at character development and dialogue"; "get a story published in a literary magazine"; "edit my novel to publishable form"; "decide on the best publishing option for me, and take steps toward my publishing goals"; "establish a realistic, consistent social media strategy"; "improve my online author appearance"; "deepen my writing skills to bring my work to a new level"; "improve my appearance in Google search"; "develop and implement a social media outreach plan to gain followers."


$150 per session, which includes one hour-long phone call, guidance on your writing*, suggested reading, pep-talks, and more. 
4-session minimum, over the course of two months
*When I read your work, I will provide feedback on the areas where you're seeking improvement. To ensure a focused discussion, I like to only read and discuss about 2,000 words at a time. These reads do not include line-editing; for full editing services, please see my editing packages. 
“Nicole’s coaching has been immensely helpful to my novel. Her focus on the technical aspects of each chapter as I write them has kept me on track and is giving me clarity for the re-write. If my novel is a success, it will be in large part thanks to Nicole.”
— Bret Wirta