About Nicole

I'm an award-winning fiction author who started her career freakishly early (I was 16), which now drives my work with the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association developing more writing programs for youth. I'm a trained writing instructor, sharing writing tips with writers of all skill levels, including keynotes at Write On!, Whidbey Island Writers' Conference, and Rivers of Ink. I absolutely love teaching, coaching, and empowering writers of all skill levels.

First and foremost, however, I am an author. I write in all genres and am passionate about continually expanding my knowledge and abilities in the fiction writing space: I regularly attend conferences and read the latest news and advice on craft and publishing. This passion drives everything I do, from writing daily to connecting with other like-minded people. 

I'm inspired by everything, from overheard conversations in coffee shops to world-travels, ancient history to astronomy. Writing aside, I love watching Netflix with my husband and two cats, and spending time with my horse, Goldie. I drink too much coffee and eat too much chocolate. I'm a proud Pacific Northwesterner who loves everything from the orcas in the San Juan Islands to the mossy, evergreen forests. 

A Special 'Thank You'

An incomplete list of people who have inspired me and supported my writing career over the years

My parents, Terry and Catherine Persun for their endless support, love, friendship, guidance, and much more; my husband Joseph, of course; Laurie McLean, the first literary agent to give me her card (when I was 15!) and who has since been a constant source of encouragement; Katherine Sears and Ken Shear, who sent me my first publishing contract and nurtured my early career immensely; Wayne Ude, who helped me realize I was a writer; Pam Binder, who made a place for me in an incredible writing community; and Julie Marston, who taught me how to love learning. 

More 'thank you's to Andrea Hurst, Jerry Gabriel, Sarah Van Arsdale, James Sherman, David Miller, Bob Ali, my NILA workshop (you know who you are!), Robbie Roberts, Tiffany Pitts, Nancy Leonard, Anna Quinn, and so many more.